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Great Products to Enhance Quality Workmanship

Click on the product titles for detailed product specifications

Water-based, interior grade wood filler. 

  • Use as a wood, grain, crack and trowelable filler, sanding sealer. 

  • Others require you to purchase separate products for other uses. 

  • Accepts oil and/or water-based stains and colorants.

  • Freeze/thaw stable

  • Indefinite shelf life


Touch-Up Sticks


  • For quick repairs and touch ups

  • Colors can be custom blended

  • Melt into or rub over damaged area



Exterior grade multi-purpose filler


  • Earl's contains many of the same characteristics of Timbermate, made for exterior use.

  • Perfect for drywall, masonry, plaster, brick, concrete and wood surfaces.

  • Compatible with colorants if added when wet.

  • Indefinite shelf life

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