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Earl's MulTFill Brochure

Earl's MulTFill

Exterior Grade

Multi-Purpose Filler by Timbermate

Ready to Use
No Mixing Necessary

Perfect for surfaces intended to be painted

Wood • Concrete • Drywall • Decking • Doors • Siding • Cement Board

Ready to Use - If it dries out, add a few drops of water. Keep the container sealed when not in use


Durable - Will not shrink, sink or fall out. Does not contain latex or acrylic.

Environmentally Friendly - No acrylic, latex or solvents. VOC free.

No waste - Return unused material to the container.

Indefinite Shelf Life - If the container is sealed tightly.


Available in White finish only.

Compatible with Colorants - Always test colorant on the filler prior to use. If using a clear coat, add tint, stain or oxide prior to using. Top coat once dry. MulTFill does not take colorant evenly once dry.

Color Matching - Multifill is available in white. Always match color to filler when it is wet. Wet color of filler is the final color when top coated.

How to Apply

Base material must be sound. Not for use on rotted wood. Make sure area is clean and free of dust. Apply with a wet, plastic putty knife. Ensure the gap is filled. Fill a max. of 1/4” layer at a time. Allow to dry in between layers. Can speed drying time by using a heat gun. Drying time is 1-3 hours dependent upon the weather and depth of the fill. Sand when dry.

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