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Timbermate Wood Filler

Timbermate Wood Filler is an interior grade, water-based wood filler. It is different from all other solvent or acrylic based fillers in that it contains no toxins or VOCs.


Timbermate Wood Filler is the perfect product to fill imperfections in furniture, drywall, MDF, paneling, and flooring. Guitar and violin makers worldwide prefer to use Timbermate Wood Filler for grain filling their instruments. See Uses for more application ideas and FAQs for typical product questions.


Timbermate Wood Filler is available in 8 oz., quart, gallon and 2-1/2 gallon sizes.


  • Will not shrink, sink, crack or fall out.

  • No waste – easily reconstitutes with water if dry.

  • It has an indefinite shelf life, and can be reconstituted with water
    if it dries out.

  • Can accept nails, screws, sawing, drilling and routing.

  • Multiple uses: spot, trowel, and grain filler.

  • Takes stain like real wood.

  • Freeze/thaw stable.

  • Mixes perfectly with oil or latex tints, dyes and stains.

  • Custom colors can be accurately reproduced.


Red Oak



Tasmanian Oak


White Oak

/Heart Pine


American Cherry


Tint Base

Brazilian Cherry


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