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Timbermate FAQs

Q: After filling with Timbermate should I spray, brush or wipe on the stain?

You can apply stain either way. However, when wiping or brushing stain, do so with a quick, light coat. Once you put stain on you are reintroducing moisture to Timbermate. If you wipe/rub in or brush too much, you can disturb the Timbermate. Once Timbermate is topcoated, it is sealed and resistant to moisture. 

Q: Timbermate has a unique scent. What is it?

A: Because it is water-based, an antiseptic (similar to that used by your dentist to rinse your mouth) is used to keep the water from spoiling. This antiseptic ensures unlimited shelf life.

Q. Is it toxic, flammable or harmful?

A. It is advisable to carry out safe work practices, as you would when working with dust. (Use an approved dust mask and safety goggles). TIMBERMATE contains no harmful ingredients and is non-flammable.

Q. Can it be used for exteriors?

A. No, as it dissolves in water it is not advisable to use it outdoors. For external use, we recommend Earls MulTFill.

Q. Can it be used with stains and other finishes?

A. Yes, it will take all types of known stains, coatings and colorants, which can be water, oil, solvent,  or spirit based. Even accepts Acid catalyzed lacquers.

Q. Will it grain fill?

A. Yes, it is a non-solvent based filler and is ideal for grain filling. Mix 10-15% hot water to thin, then rub over the grain or spread thinly (see below for more detailed instructions). It will not raise or damage the grain.

Q: When I apply with my knife/trowel, black streaks appear in the filler. What is causing this?

A: Always use a high content stainless steel or plastic putty knife or trowel. If the filler turns black, the tool is not high content stainless steel. The black discoloration will sand off when dry.

Q; My tub is extremely hard. Can I still use the product?

A: In colder climates Timbermate hardens in the tub, to soften simply place in the sun or stand in a tub of hot water.  When thinning hot water provides the best results. It can also be thawed in the microwave.

Q: Over time, my floor appears to be fading. What could be the cause?

A: Some waterborne topcoats (because they are high in alkaline) will bleach both the wood and filler. Always be sure to check the labels of waterborne products for alkaline content. Always be sure to test in a small area with desired tint and topcoat before using.

Q. How is the grain filler applied?

A. Take  out of the tub and place it in a separate container. Add approximately 10-15% water, (1gm=1ml) and mix to the consistency of  toothpaste. Use a LINT FREE CLOTH AND RUB ACROSS THE GRAIN. When it turns ligher in color and sands off easily like talc powder, it is dry. It will not bind the sandpaper (ie. clog up). If sandpaper gets clogged the filler is not dry. Sand off in the same direction as the grain. Stain or coat when dry.

Q. When is the stain applied?

A. You can stain before or after applying TIMBERMATE (see next question).

Q. How are colors matched?

A. Color matching is easy. Add your colorant to the putty and match the exact color you see when filler is wet.  It will dry lighter in color, but will come back to its original color once coated with a clear top coat. The final result is the color you saw when the filler was in its wet state.

Q. How long does TIMBERMATE take to dry?

A. It depends upon the weather and depth of fill. In hot weather it dries quicker. In cold weather the depth of fill will determine the drying time. You can speed up the drying time by using a heat gun, hair dryer or light.

Q. What depth or width can be filled?

A. Do not fill holes deeper than ¼” inch at a time. If hole is deep, fill in layers. Allow to dry thoroughly between each layer.

Q. Can it be used for any other purpose other than wood repair?

A. It can be used on drywall, masonry, fiberglass, plastic and any other surface. Bear in mind that steel must be coated with a primer to avoid rusting.

Q. Can TIMBERMATE spoil?

A. TIMBERMATE has an unlimited shelf life and will last indefinitely. If contents become dry merely add a few drops of water to reconstitute. DO NOT add more water than is necessary or leave excess water in tub for a long period of time. The trapped excess water in the tub will cause the putty to become contaminated and will start to degenerate.

Q. Why are so many colors available?

A. We manufacture 13 colors to match almost all shades and types of wood. If you are using a clear coat you must match your putty color. If staining, use natural tint base.

Q. What is natural tint base?

A. Natural  tint base is neutral in color. You may add the lightest shade of tint to change its color.

Q. Can TIMBERMATE be used on floors?

A. It is ideal for filling cracks, gaps, and nail holes in floors. It will enhance the floor grain. Iit does not shrink, sink, crack or fall out.

Q. Can it be used with french polish and waxes?

A. You can use all types of waxes, shellac and oils.

Q. How is an incorrect match or badly filled hole fixed?

A. If a topcoat has not been applied, simply wash it out. If already coated, then break the top coat and then wash out. Refill or rematch if necessary.

Q. Why is the tub hard some days and feels dry and soft on other days?

A. TIMBERMATE is waterbased. It contains no  solvents or acrylics and is therefore temperature sensitive. The warmer the weather or environment the softer the putty. On hot days it will start to dry in the tub if not properly sealed. Add a few drops of water to reconstitute.

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