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  • MiracleWipes for Paint offers quick clean up for hands, surfaces and tools.

  • Provides additional benefit as a surface prep wipe for walls, baseboards, cabinets & more.

  • Ideal for cleaning virtually any surface and equipment. (i.e. spray gun, brushes, rollers).

  • Safe, yet exceptionally powerful when compared to traditional solvents and cleaning products.


Easily removes:

• All paint

• Stain

• Urethane

• Epoxy

• Caulking

• Dirt & Grease

• Adhesive

• and much more...

Paint • Stain • Adhesives • Grime

Hands • Painting Tools

Surfaces/Carpet • Fabric/Clothing

Clean up made easy

Miracle Wipes for Paint

The first ever painters' wipe!


Coming Soon!

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